Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kailan Leaves (Chinese Broccoli) Dishes - My Own Invention

So I have been harvesting my own Kailan leaves or Chinese Broccoli for a few weeks now and I've been inventing dishes for this kind of vegetable since. I wanted something not so oily so I try to avoid the stir fry kind. 

Here's what I first came up with:

Kailan Leaves with Oyster Sauce, Sili and Tomatoes  

The sili and tomatoes were also from my own mini vegetable garden. I harvest every now and then when they are quite ripe. Though tomatoes and sili are generally bad for people with GERD like me, I think I may be slowly getting better as their bad effects are not as evident anymore. But I only have tomatoes every other day at the most. As for the sili, I don't cut them. I just let them cook as they are.

Anyway, here's how I did the first dish I invented:

I washed the kailan leaves, arranged them in a microwavable plate, topped the whole thing with sili, slices of tomatoes and some oyster sauce. I placed the dish in the microwave and after a few minutes, it's ready to serve. It was scrumptious! And so easy to do!

Here's the second dish my husband made with my Kailan leaves:

Kailan Leaves with Oyster Sauce and Ground Pork

He fried some ground pork without oil, added mushrooms, oyster sauce and cut Kailan leaves. Voila! He served it with brown rice and it was very yummy.

Here's the third dish I invented with my Kailan leaves:

Kailan Leaves with Papa Daniel's Adobong Baby Squid from Casa  Carmela in Bacolod
the photo above are my kangkong leaves but I also did it with kailan leaves I just forgot to take a picture of it.^_^

When we were in Bacolod last weekend, this bottle of baby squid is one of the yummy goodies we bought from Casa Carmela. I tried it out when we got home by putting some in a microwave and adding some kailan leaves and tomatoes in it. It was super duper yummy!

Here's the fourth dish I invented with my Kailan leaves: 

Kailan Leaves with Papa Daniel's Chorizo Pudpud

Just like the adobong squid, the chorizo pudpud came from Casa Carmela in Bacolod too. I was cooking pasta yesterday when I thought of adding the chorizo and some cut kailan leaves in the mix. I microwaved a whole bowl of it and voila --- it came out very delicious!

Basically, Kailan leaves seem to go with almost anything. For me, as long as it provides me with the fiber, vitamins and minerals I need, I can just boil it and eat it. It's a bonus that I can so many other things with it too. =)

Bon appetit!


  1. Those are interesting dishes! I haven't tried Kailan Leaves yet, and I wonder is it available in the local market? thanks for sharing this :)

  2. Hi Yedy,

    Thanks for your comment and you're welcome.

    About its availability, there could be grocery stores or wet market stalls selling Kailan leaves since some Chinese restaurants do offer them from what I remember. But they could be growing their own veggies too. Personally, I haven't found one yet in the grocery store where I shop (Puregold, Festival Mall, and Tropical) here in Alabang. :)



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