Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hello Food Lovers!

I've been on perpetual diet since my hormones started kicking in when I turned 13. Yeah, I had my period right about that time too. And through the years, I've noticed  that despite my wish to maintain a slim figure, I also realized how much I love to eat. In fact, anything that is edible, I eat it! Then I entered the fast-paced life that is adulthood and I can barely get out of my desk to find something to eat. For a few years, I've been lucky to have a hubby whose schedule hasn't been such a killer and so he cooked for me. He's been cooking since he was six and he's really good at it. As for me, after learning my first dish (Sinigang na Baboy) at the age of 12, I stopped trying. Not that my sinigang wasn't any good. In fact, my dad was so proud of me he wanted to teach me (He's the cook in the house, not my mom, go figure!). It's just that, I was not into it. Then like I said, adulthood happened, marriage happened, busy schedules happened and now that I work from home, I don't want to eat right out of the can all the time. I have to taste real food too like a normal human being. All those years of watching my hubby cook in the kitchen (okay, not really watching coz he's so in the zone when he cooks that I find myself just watching DVDs while I wait for him finish up so we can eat) and listening to his wonderful recipes finally paid off. I slowly learned how to cook good food, at least, something that tastes good for me. Nobody has tasted my cooking yet except for my hubby and Chef Fernando Arracama when I guested in their  TV Cooking Show a few months back. And they both said my dishes taste great so I think it really is! Hehehe.

So anyway, this blog is for those dishes I personally made. Most of these dishes didn't really come from any recipe book. I just make them as I go along. So enjoy and bon appetit!

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