Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Momo and My Momolicious Birthday

Every time February comes around, it always feels like the entire month is my birthday and every little thing that happens always seems more special. And so as you can see, until now, I’m still not done blogging about things that happened  last month. On my birthday weekend (Feb.20-21), we planned to have dinner with my family then head to Subic for a day trip of adventure at Treetop in Subic and beach bumming. But before all that, Peter and I managed to have spend some quality time. We dropped by Eastwood to see what’s new. It’s been ages since we were last there and I was so happy to see so many new developments. We scouted for a nice place to eat and out of all the restaurants and cafes there, it was Momo that attracted my attention. I was surprised to see that they also offer real food. All the while  I thought it was just a cafe that serves coffee and cake. I was so glad I was wrong! We looked at the menu and I wanted to order everything! But in the end, we settled to share a huge plate of baby back ribs with corn and vegetables. I ordered a glass of Watermelon Mojito too. The jumbo plate of Baby Back Ribs were divine but the Watermelon Mojito can use a little more alcohol and better presentation. Teehee. It was yummy, nevertheless.

After a very satiating late lunch, I wanted to walk around to somehow burn the calories we’ve just ingested. I saw that Eastwood is now more beautiful — lots of buildings, a nice park (although the fountain area can use some more beautification and improvement), lots of flowers… I was so glad we stopped by before heading to my parents’ home.

We took some more shots before heading to the tiangge area to buy my summer wearWe are definitely going back to Eastwood some time soon so we can try Momo’s other momolicious dishes and to shop some more too! Momolicious birthday to me! ^_^
For more photos, please click the link below: 

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