Friday, May 21, 2010

Eggplant in Scrambled Eggs For Breakfast

I seldom buy eggplants coz from what I learned about it back in grade school, it doesn't really have any nutrients in it. Just water. But anyway, I was craving for eggplant lately so I tried to make some "Tortang Talong". Unfortunately, Peter wasn't around to help me get it done right so what I did was:

  • Sliced the eggplant in the middle without cutting it from its stem
  • Fried it on both sides
  • Put a dash of salt and pepper
  • While it was frying, I poured a bowl of 2 scrambled eggs.
  • When the scrambled eggs were cooked, I folded the whole thing on both sides.

It was pretty tasty. It even lasted until lunch. Plus, I know it's quite healthy. According to an article on Reader's Digest, an egg a day will help reduce by 24% the likelihood of breast cancer in women. So these days, I try to eat 1 egg a day. I just have to come up with other ways of cooking it. ^_^

Bon appetit!

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