Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scents to Remember Menu

The following dishes were served when my hubby and I attended Downy's Scents to Remember gala launch yesterday at the Manila Peninsula. I loved the dishes they served us. Even the chicken (which was a bit bland for my taste) tasted fine after I had some more sauce added. I wish I can learn how to make them too. Here they are:

SOUP: Veloute of Pumpkin with coconut cream and coriander.

APPETIZER: Smoked Citrus scented Atlantic salmon, paired with petit mesclun greens with ORANGE msutard dressing. The tangy citrus taste enlivens the spirit, feeling like the burst of a fresh new day every minute.

MAIN COURSE: Honey Ginger glazed Chicken Breast and vegetable bouquet best enjoyed with JASMINE rice. jasmine, the King of Scents, has a sweet, warm floral aroma that perfectly matches honey ginger.

DESSERT: semi-soft Chocolate fondant with berry compote and VANILLA ice cream. The delectable essence of Vanilla is one of the world's most valuable essences as it can be enjoyed through either food or scent and may be the counterpart of the comfort food, chocolate, in the world of scents.

We also had some ROSE wine and APPLE iced tea. Divine!



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