Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baked Salmon, Eggplant Tzatiki and Japanese Rice

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Three of the dishes that my hubby and I prepared over the weekend were Baked Salmon, Eggplant Enselada and Japanese Rice.

The Japanese rice was easy to do. I just mixed a packet of Clara Ole's Ora Mix Mo Japanese rice sauce with 2 cups of cooked rice and voila --- we have a very tasty rice dish.

The Baked salmon was so easy to do too. Two slices of salmon were sprinkled with a bit of salt and pepper on both sides and then baked at 250 degrees celsius for ten minutes. Oh, I also baked some slices of tomatoes together with the salmon just coz I love tomatoes too. After that, it was ready to be served and eaten.

For the Eggplant Tzatiki, this dish was a bit taxing to do but worth it because it matched so well with our Baked Salmon. We roasted two eggplants to a crisp so that the skin would be easy to peel off, then we mashed the eggplant meat together with minced onions, garlic, diced cucumber, a bit of salt and pepper, some calamansi juice (or lemon zest) a bit of yogurt, a little olive oil and vinegare and voila --- we have Eggplant Tzatiki.

It's sweet roasted smell filled the air and made us even more hungry that afternoon. The good thing about Tzatikis is that they taste even better over time and can be used at dips and bread or pita spread so it's good for leftovers too.

Bon appetit!

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