Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baked Scrambled Egg with Corned Beef

I guess by now you know how I love to take one egg in the morning, or at any time of the day as long as I get to eat one, for health purposes. I abuse my body so much that I know I should at least compensate by trying to eat healthy food.

So anyway, there's only so much one can do with an egg, right? Since I discovered that eggs can be baked, I thought of making my usual scrambled egg, but this time, I added a can of corned beef and garlic slices too!

Whenever I scramble an egg, I add about two tablespoons of fresh milk to make it creamy, then I dash a bit of ground pepper to taste. Since corned beef is already salty, I didn't add anymore salt. Then I put it some sliced garlic. I mixed everything together and poured it in my bakeware. I placed it inside the oven and baked it at 200 degree celsius for 10 minutes together with my usual vegetables which I grilled.

Voila! It tasted so wonderful! I ate it with my veggies and java rice. Yum.

Bon appetit!

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