Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wimpex Oven Toaster Grill Rotisserie

Over the weekend, my husband and I treated ourselves with a brand new mini oven that can bake, toast, grill and practically cook anything. This Wimpex oven has space for extra large capacity of up to 30 liters and my husband, Peter, couldn't be any happier. It uses AC 220V/60Hz 1500W.

Peter will test it this coming Saturday. He plans to cook up a feast by baking some chicken and salmon. But then I couldn't wait. I was craving for some grilled vegetables and baked scrambled egg so yesterday, I used it.

I always eat one egg a day. Yesterday, I scrambled one and added a bit of fresh milk, salt, pepper and Italian herbs in it. I poured the mixture on a bakeware and placed it inside the oven.

Then I cut up some of my favorite vegetables
(eggplant, tomato, onion, bell pepper and okra), dash all sides with salt and pepper and placed them inside the oven as well.

I set the dial to 250 degrees celsius for 20 minutes. Looking back, I should've just put it on 150 degrees (which I did this morning) so my vegetables won't be as toasty. Nevertheless, everything tasted great afterward! I had a scrumptious healthy meal. I'm not much for presentation. I've been had by some wonderful presentations of dishes in restaurants only to disappoint me when it comes to taste. Blech. This is why I do my own cooking now. I get to eat what I want, the way I like it to taste --- delicious and flavorful! Yum!

My baked scrambled egg was divine. It's not much to look at but I don't think I've tasted anything quite like it.

My grilled vegetables were so flavorful even if it was just salt and pepper that I added in it. I can eat this kind of food everyday. Thanks to Wimpex!

Bon appetit!

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  1. hi, how is it in terms of electric consumption?



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