Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lunch #1 at Zenz Restaurant at Mines View Park Hotel

I am very picky when it comes to eating out. This is probably because I mostly like very flavorful dishes and detest those Western bland ones which I normally found to be served in restaurants I've visited before. This is why I resort to my own cooking 90% of the time. And so I was really surprised and happy to have enjoyed the dishes that were served during my stay at Mines View Park Hotel in Baguio from Sept. 23-24. We were always served with buffet but I was assured that their regular servings are always hefty and worth the price you pay for.

Let me show you the dishes I had together with my fellow bloggers who got invited to visit the place and experience it all for ourselves. Here's the lunch we had:

fresh leaves and carrots
Because we were in the land of not just strawberries but fresh vegetable produce, it's only normal to expect really, really fresh vegetables. And they did serve us with those!

lettuce with bread crumbs and cheese
I liked the way the textured bread crumbs, twist of cheese and a bit of vinaigrette blended with everything.

beef caldereta and rice
I seldom eat caldereta for fear of chewing a gummy beef portion, but the one they served us was tender and delicious!

chicken in sesame and barbecue sauce
I will never get tired of this chicken dish.

breaded fish chips
I like fish but rarely eat fish chips coz they mostly taste like bread rather than fish! But this one exceeded my expectation. The fish inside was flavorful so I didn't mind eating the breaded part.

mango gelatin... sweet, mangoey and yummy. ^_^

I'd love to come back there again, but this time, I want to enjoy it with my hubby. There are still so many Continental and Asian dishes I'd love to try next time.

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