Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lunch #2 at Zenz Restaurant at Mines View Park Hotel

Finally, here's the last set of wonderful, palatable, tasty (and free) dishes that were served during our short stay at Mines View Park Hotel. I tried not to eat much coz I was already feeling so bloated. But because everything was so yummy, aside from the strawberry sinigang, I also had a bit of the other dishes that were served:

I liked the way they prepared this dish. The vegetables were crunchy and not overcooked. It also has a buttery taste to it. Loved it!

fried bangus with garlic sauce
Since I already had bangus the day before, I didn't eat much of this dish. It was very delicious though. I'll make sure to order this dish when I come back here next time.

crispy fried chicken
This fried chicken was crunchy indeed! I could never get enough of it! *burp*

I am actually craving for bibingcrepe right now as I write this review. I guess that says something about this unique culinary dish that's very exclusive to HalfMoon Cafe. Yummy!

Bon appetit!

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