Sunday, September 26, 2010

Strawberry Taho in Baguio

"Sa strawberry taho, matutupad na ang pangarap nyo!" (With strawberry soy, your dreams will come true!)

That was the greeting that welcomed us bloggers over and over again when we went to Strawberry Farm last Friday morning as part of our whole Baguio experience organized by Mines View Park Hotel. I wonder why that phrase?! It was such a LOL! ^_^

Anyway, I love taho per se. I always get to buy a cup whenever I'd go down to our lanai and catch the taho vendor early in the morning.

When I saw that their taho here has strawberries in it, I got excited and immediately bought one cup of it for Php20.00.
Not bad... not bad at all! In fact, it tasted so good how I wish we can also have it here in Manila! Or pehaps I'll just buy some strawberry syrup and fresh strawberries and mix them to my cup the next time I buy one from my favorite taho vendor. ^_^

Bon appetit!

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