Monday, October 18, 2010

Focaccia, A Slice of Italy

I have seen Focaccia before when I visited A. Venue Mall a few times in the past two years but I never really went in and tried their dishes. It's a good thing then that it opened a branch at The Fort Strip in Taguig recently and I was one of the lucky bloggers who got invited to try out most if not all of their dishes. Whoopee!

What really caught my appetite and attention was one of their specialties --- Pazzio Rollio which means "crazy rolls". It is a thin-crust pizza (doesn't matter what flavor... we tried the one with three cheeses, the one with bacon and muchrooms, seafood, and lots more!) sliced diagonally which you can top with arugula leaves and alfalfa sprouts, which you will then roll up before taking a bite.

They held a Pazzo Rollio contest that evening and there were a lot of leftover that I took some of them home. Two days later, when I brought them to Enchanted Kingdom, they still tasted oh so good! This dish of theirs really draws in the crowd and is one of their bestsellers.

According to one of the owners, RG Gamboa, they opened at The Fort to cater to offices and condominiums in the area... to give them a true piece of Italy. And indeed, all their dishes tasted so great that my diet went right out of the window. I seldom get satisfied when I order pasta in restaurants. It's one of those things that my hubby can really cook so well. But here at Focaccia, oh my God, the dishes were really good! I can tell that they use high quality olive oil, herbs and cheeses. Every dish that was served to us was so divine, I didn't wanna leave that place anymore!

Aside from the Pazzo Rollio, there were a ton other dishes served. My favorites were:

Cannelloni al Funghi, Spinach and Artichoke Formaggio Dip, Osso Buco and Steak with Red Wine Sauce. I ended the entire buffet with a glass of watermelon shake. I wish I ordered some of their gelato. They looked so yummy too.
If you want to see all the thirteen Focaccia dishes they served us that evening, please head to my other blog post, In Love with Focaccia. This post will surely make you want to visit this little slice of Italy. ^_^

For more photos please click this link: Focaccia Food Tasting

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