Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reyes Barbecue at Nuvali

One of the Nuvali fun activities that we were supposed to do when we had the Bloggers Nuvali Tour on October 20 was the Solenad Food Tour where all bloggers will be grouped in teams of four and will visit one restaurant for 15 minutes, have a taste of their specialties and move on to the next. Unfortunately, we were running out of time so each group was just assigned to one restaurant.

Reyes Barbecue's goto with pork intestines

Chicken Inasal with Java Rice

Frank's Peanut Sauce

Our group was assigned to dine at Reyes Barbecue. Reyes Barbecue is not new to me. I've had a taste of their dishes before, and being a lover of Filipino food, I've always liked their Chicken inasal. For this particular lunch, I also had a taste of their goto which was scrumptious, their pork barbecue and their peanut sauce which I love. I am actually using their peanut sauce in anything I eat these days. It's just so delish! Hehehe.

The only thing I missed eating that particular lunch is vegetables. I didn't see any vegetable dishes in their menu. Hopefully, next time, they get to offer some to satisfy their customers looking to have a complete meal.

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