Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Marriott's Global Thai Food Fest

My plate of assorted Thai Food

On October 20, right after our Nuvali Bloggers Tour, I also got invited to experience the world's largest Thai Food Fest by Marriott. I'd like to share here all the yummy dishes that I got to try and ended up liking:

This was the first dish served to us --- lemon serbet. It tastes like real lemon in crushed ice. So yummy!

Thai milk tea... I loved it!

The rest of the Thai dishes....

My own plate of desserts:

I loved almost everything that was served on the buffet table dithat night. The only dishes that I didn't like so much were the deep fried fish cake because it tasted bland, the Pad Thai noodles because they were so spicy, and the kiwi strawberry serbet. I like kiwi and I like strawberries. Bit if you mix them together to make an ice cream, it becomes to tangy and sour that it leaves a bad taste to the mouth. But that's just me.

Anyway, everything else was perfect. Thank you so much Marriott for letting me have a taste of it all. Now, I am craving to go to Thailand and experience it all over again. ^_^

To see more photos, please click:
Marriott's Worldwide Thai Dinner Party.

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