Thursday, October 28, 2010

SM Funky Bowling Treats

Like I told you on my other personal blogs about the SM Funky Bowling thing we went to last weekend, I didn't really get to do the funky bowling stunts coz one: I didn't want to ruin my attire (vain!); and two, I just didn't feel like it. I now regret my decision and I will really try to go to the Halloween Funky Bowl happening this coming weekend. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed myself by cheering my team and enjoying the simple yet delicious dishes that were served that evening:

Their pork barbecue was hot, tender and oh so yummy. I may have eaten three sticks of those even if I don't really like pork barbecue. Ask Peter. He usually eats my share at home.

Their chicken sandwich was a bit messy to eat, or maybe I just don't really know how to eat tiny pieces of sandwiches packed with chunks of chicken, tomatoes, mayonnaise, leaves and spices. They're delish though and I may have eaten half of this plate. ^_^

I loved how "Pinoy" their spaghetti was. It's sweet and very cheesy, as opposed to the yummy Italian pasta dishes that I usually eat at home. I missed this kind of spaghetti! Loved it!

At least npw I know what to order when I come back to SM Bowling Center. I just hope they serve some alcoholic drinks too. I really wonder. Wouldn't funky bowling be a lot funkier if the players were a bit tipsy while playing? LOL! ^_^

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