Thursday, November 18, 2010

Parvati Store at Trinoma

Parvati, taken after the name of the most beautiful Hindu Goddess, is a new concept store located inside Trinoma Mall in Quezon City. It has been operational for six months now and they have plans of expanding some more in the greater Manila area (Please open one in Alabang, pretty please?).

Last Sunday, we were lucky to be invited to taste the many heavenly desserts they offer. Parvati is nothing like we've seen before. It's a dessert store that caters to home bakers as it consigns various home-baked goodies so dessert lovers won't have to go somewhere else. All the best ones, from frozen delights, to chilled cakes and pastries, to regular sweets and cakes are all housed here, 51 of them to be exact.

When you walk inside the Parvati store, you will notice that the wall on the right side is filled with print ads of what they offer. This wall is actually divided into three sections (frozen, chilled, room temp.), and further divided into drawers, containing the dessert of your choice! It's like magic! Hehehe.

For those who want to have a decent meal first before they enjoy their desserts, Parvati also offers scrumptious pasta dishes.

Take a look at our most recommended desserts here ---> The Parvati Indulgence

As for the other delectable products they offer, come here and have a look:

Here are some of the desserts we liked:

We're such lovers of polvoron. We tasted the pineapple flavored kind and it was so rich with sweet pineapple goodness!

Monster Cookies!
We still have some at home. They're chewy and soft and made from the finest ingredients.

Brownie Cashew Bars!
Imagine dark moist chocolate brownie topped with chewy cashew caramel. Mmmmm...

Pistachio Sans Rival!
This is a three-layered meringue with pistachio cream filling, topped with roasted pistachio nuts.

Need I say more?

If you want to taste these ambrosial delights for yourself, you may visit them at the Mindanao Lobby of Trinoma Mall in Quezon City or call them and order some: 901-1428/0927-878090

Bon appetit!

See lots of photos at The Parvati Experience.

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