Saturday, November 20, 2010

Passion Restaurant: a Taste of Chinese Fusion Food

After watching the astounding preview of KAOS at Resorts World Manila's New Performing Arts Theater, we were led to Passion Restaurant for some scrumptious dinner. The first time we ate there, I wasn't that impressed with their version of Chinese food; it was a bit bland compared to what I'm used to. This time around though, the dishes served to us tasted much better. Maybe, I'm just not a fan of dumplings, the food that we had before. It's a blessing that this time, they served us other amazing dishes which were more agreeable to our taste. Too bad we didn't get the names of the dishes but we'll try our best to describe them here.


Glazed pork, beef and chicken and duck with seaweeds on the side - This was from their barbecue sampler. They're tender, sweet and so far our favorite among all the dishes we have tasted so far.

Shrimp cocktail with pineapples and cucumber - Peter liked this particular appetizer. I wasn't a fan though. Although the shrimp was nice and plump and cooked really well, the mayonnaise didn't seem to go well with it.

Main Course

Chinese fried rice and Eggplant with minced meat - We both really liked the fried rice. It was good enough to eat by itself. The eggplant was also quite tasty.

Beef Char Siu- The sauce was really nice, very well balanced and did not overpower the taste of the beef. The meat was nice and tender but retained some bite which was quite pleasant. It seems that not all the pieces were cooked evenly though. I got a piece that had a slight bitter aftertaste. Overall, this was a still a pretty good dish.

Deep Fried Grouper with pomelo - This was also quite yummy. The fish was cooked just right and was well seasoned. The flavors of the pomelo and the sweet tangy sauce went very well with the grouper. Be sure not to let the fish sit in the sauce for too long though as the breading soaks up a lot of the sauce and gets soggy. At this point, it's not nearly as good as when the breading is nice and crispy.


Chilled Mango Sago - A nice simple dessert with mango and tapioca pearls that wasn't too sweet and was actually a nice ending to a nice meal.

I hope to go back again to Passion Restaurant. Perhaps, after we watch KAOS come Dec. 1. I'm sure they still have a lot of other delectable dishes we're going to love.

Bon appetit!

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