Monday, November 22, 2010

Food Network Store Good Kitchen Finds

We were washing the dishes earlier today (yes, we do everything together). When one of us was about to put our favorite pan inside the kitchen cabinet, it slid off and fell. The cover of our little pot broke. Darn. It was an old one but we loved using it especially when we soups and chicken recipes. It's been with us since 2008. Maybe it's the universe's way of saying that it's time to buy a brand new set of cookware, something sturdy and durable which we can use for a long time. Seeing that we seldom have the time to do some major shopping, I checked the stuff online. Perhaps, we an have a set delivered right at our doorstep. Or at the very least, we'd have an idea of what cookware to buy the next time we visit the store.

I chanced upon this food network store and they have an amazing cookware set that I want to get. It is actually a precious kitchen collectible by Calphalon. It's on sale right now and the set looks so pretty! I think I'll look for something similar when I head to the mall this week.

Right now, I'm also eyeing the other stuff they have on their site. They have this Php13,000 ++ Nonstick Orange Cookware set that I am falling in love with! The small pot included in the set looks like the one that we just broke. Shucks, hopefully it goes on sale soon. Nevertheless, it's a 14-pc. set so I think it would be a good investment.

OMG! This Food Network Store also has promotions for the Christmas season. They have top gifts like cookbooks, chocolate bars and other kitchen utensils and did I mention chocolate bars? Hehehe. I think I'll bookmark this site for future reference. For now, I gotta save up so I can buy the orange cookware. ^_^

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