Saturday, November 27, 2010

Halfmoon Cafe: Infuckingcredible Bibingcrepe and Nomnoms

While portmanteaus such as "jeggings" and "skorts" suck horribly, most of the time, portmanteaus are actually pretty damn awesome. In fact, some of the most amazing things are portmanteaus!



Pedobear! If you haven't been able to guess yet, I absofuckinglutely love portmanteaus. I mean, you take two (or more) ordinary things, you combine them and make them far more incredible than just the sum of their parts. Which leads us to last Tuesday, when Jen and I found ourselves in Halfmoon Asian Cafe, home of one of the coolest portmanteaus out there, the bibingcrepe, one part bibingka, one part crepe, all parts awesome!

The bibingcrepe has the same fluffiness of the traditional Filipino delicacy and the creamy goodness of the French pancake. According to Gilette Garcia, the VP for operations of Halfmoon Asian Cafe, (and the Bluewater Day spa! AND 55 Events Place! Seriously this guy is so boss!) they are the first to come up with the concept of the bibingcrepe because of their desire to offer something fresh and innovative to their customers.

Before, it was their best kept secret; they never advertised but as it goes with things this great, the bibingcrepe's awesomeness could not be contained. It is now one of their best sellers. To give more options to their growing clientele, Halfmoon Asian Cafe, also plans to add more bibingcrepe toppings and fillings to the already formidable threesome of chocolate, corn and cheese. Gilette has confirmed that there will soon be a peanut butter bibingcrepe and that they are in the process of developing more variations.

As if the bibingcrepe wasn't awesome enough, that particular evening, they also unveiled the most ginormous bibingcrepe ever made! Over 2 meters in diameter, it very nearly melted my face off with its sheer epicness. They might even invite Guiness Book of World Records to recognize their creation as the biggest kind in the world!

So yeah, if you know what's good for you, head on over to Halfmoon Asian Cafe right now. Try out their wide array of tasty Filipino food and other Asian dishes like Binagoongang Baboy, Bangus, Beef Caldereta, Crispy Adobo, Siomai, Spanish Sardines, Sirloin Tapa, and Gambas, and then top it off with some great tasting coffee selections like Halfmoon Americano, Mocha, Cafe bonbon, Chai Latte, Coffee Ice Blend, Cool Mocha and a lot more, paired with the undeniably incredible bibingcrepe!


Watch out for Halfmoon Asian Cafe's upcoming Italian brand of coffee and coffee from Benguet. Business meetings and gatherings for 20-100 people can be accommodated in their 2 function rooms. Visit or call Halfmoon Asian Cafe for more information at 238 Tomas Morato Extension corner Sct. Bayoran Quezon City; 411-3105.

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