Monday, November 8, 2010

A Taste of Passion Restaurant @ Resorts World Manila

We got to taste some of the delightful Chinese dishes offered at Passion Restaurant located inside Resorts World Manila last Nov. 4, 2010.

We were there for the launch of Grand Fiesta Manila 2010 and the Grand Fiesta run 2010. We arrived quite late so we didn't get to taste the many dim sums and dumplings offered that evening. Here are the dishes we did get to try...

Jasmine tea

fried rice
We think they're serving authentic Chinese dishes because it's not as flavorful (malasa) as the usual Filipino Chinese food that we are used to eating. According to Peter, Chinese food are generally not as full of flavor as the Chinoy food we're used to. It's still good though. We didn't eat much but it was enough to satisfy our tummies.

We both liked the dumplings and the mini siopao. They were cooked well and tasted just right.

It was just the Canton noodles that tasted quite bland. Maybe because we're so used to having the instant kind at home. LOL! It was still good. ^_^

fruit platter

Peking duck

We'll try their other dishes next time... like the Peking duck! Hopefully, we can order the more scrumptious dishes, plus a bottle of Hennessy. ^_^


Their cookies are to die for by he way. We ate them all down to the last crumb. Yum! ^_^

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  1. I’ve been trying to exercise and drink more tea everyday. With and these flowering teas, it’s been a breeze!

    Up til now, Jasmine Flower is my favorite!



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