Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Zoobic Diet

We went to Zoocobia and Zoobic last weekend for free! Wee! And as part of the tour, we were also provided with lunch and dinner. Not that I was expecting an ostentatious display of exotic food, but I was hoping for something more... delectable. After all, we did walk a lot and it was so very tiring. Oh well. Thank God for the yummy Sisig Siopao breakfast we had at 7-11 that morning, at least I wasn't that hungry.

But anyway, I was happy with what they served us. For lunch, there was a mini buffet of ham, eggs, salad, toasted bread, juice and french fries. It was enough to keep our strength up. It just didn't go well with the time of day. This meal is more of a breakfast than lunch. I was hoping for adobo or kaldereta. Hehehe. Peace!

For dinner, I started salivating the moment I saw the waiters handing out Chicken Inasal to the other people we were with. Unfortunately, by the time they got to us, there was only fried pork left. Blech! I personally don't like pork and this one wasn't really particularly tasty. Oh well. Gotta be thankful for free food. At least, I didn't feel so bloated that my Zoobic getup actually felt quite loose after the trip. Hehehe. Peace!

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