Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Greenwich Pizza for Halloween

I didn't have the time to prepare for a party or to even cook a decent meal. I was up to my neck with work and I still wanted to celebrate Halloween, even it meant partying by myself, at home. Peter was helping me running errands and doing chores while our tenant/friend Princess might have had other plans for that weekend.

So what I did was call Greenwich Pizza at 5-55-55, asked them if they have any promo (they do have this ongoing happy hour promo that if I buy one overload pizza, I'll get a family size peperoni pizza for free for only about Php500! Yay!) and availed the yummiest sounding pizza flavor on their menu.

I got the Buffalo Chicken and Onion Rings Pizza. I didn't know how it looked like since I was just calling from my phone while putting on my black makeup for my personal Halloween feast. Talk about multi-tasking! LOL. I had the pizzas delivered and in less than 30 minutes, our pizzas arrived!

OMG! The Buffalo Chicken Onion Rings Pizza looked so yummy! It has this volcano of crunchy onion rings on top, the crust is is covered with buffalo chicken and blue cheese. Scrumptious! Even the pepperoni pizza was sooo delightful! I want some again!

My Greenwich pizza order definitely added to my happiness that evening. I think I'm gonna try out their other pizza too. I'll have the Meatballs and Fries Pizza when I order next time.

Bon appetit!

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