Thursday, January 6, 2011

Angelina Pizza and Pasta @ Malapascua

I want to share with you the scrumptious Italian dishes I had with my team that time we went to Malapascua. On our first night there, Connie brought us to this secluded Italian restaurant at the other side of the island, Logon Beach Resort. The name of their restaurant is called Angelina Pizza and Pasta.

It's quite a romantic place. I saw a few couples, all foreigners, sharing a meal together. How I wished Peter was there!

We walked several kilometers from Exotic Dive Resort and it was a long and hard walk. Even when I was wearing my contacts, I almost stumbled a couple of times. Good thing Ian was there to guide the way. Come to think of it, we should've brought a flashlight. It was my second time in Malapascua and I should've known better than to walk in the dark coz unlike other beaches, Malapascua at night can really get very dark and quiet. Watch out for uneven sidewalk and dog poop!

But the long walk was worth it. Everything we had was just so delicious! Too bad, I didn't get the names of the dishes. I was too hungry at that time to care. But here are the photos:

veggie salad with black olives, some kind of yummy cheese and lots of raw veggies

I think this was the three cheese pizza or something...

super yummy pasta

some yummy shrimp dish

another pasta dish in white sauce

I should bring Peter here next time... and remember to get the names of all our orders! ^_^

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