Saturday, January 1, 2011

Media Noche

Peter and I really did hibernate during the holidays. We didn't go out nor attend any parties at all... oh except for our village party which Peter went to coz he's sociable like that. Even then, Peter still prepared some dishes that can last until the next day. But, unlike the previous years, we didn't anymore do the 13 kinds of fruits coz I found out that shopping for them stresses Peter out. It's not something that he enjoys doing, plus we don't really believe completing the 13 kinds of fruits will bring us luck. The last couple of years, many of those fruits just got rotten coz we couldn't eat them all in a week's time. So, just the regular fruit groceries and none of those superstitious luck and wealth charms. No jumping up and down either. We had a quiet and peaceful New Year's Eve. We still believe though that we're gonna get richer & happier this year. That's what matters, right? ^_^

Anyway, here are the simple dishes Peter prepared last New Year's Eve:

pasta in olive, mushroom and tomato suace

raw vegetable salad with cubed cheese and a bit of olive oil vinaigrette

honey glazed ham

slices of Edam cheese and peach

How about you? I'm sure you all had a feast! :-)

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