Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Exotic Dive Resort Food Offering

I stayed at Exotic Dive Resort in Malapascua, Cebu from Dec. 1-5. It's the most high end resort in the area which I can tell through the quality of their food. I gained weight after that trip but it was all worth it. I just want to share here some photos of the food and drinks they made me eat. Although they offered a lot of international cuisine, you know me, I'd rather stick to the food I love to eat. Maybe next time, I should be more adventurous, huh? And next time, I should try to order for myself rather than ask my roommate to order for us. Teehee. Anyway, here they are:

juicy baby back ribs

ensaymada and pancit canton

four seasons fruit shake

rice, chopsuey & beef stew

Pad thai

pumpkin soup


pancit bihon and turon

rice, chopsuey & pork barbecue

Vietnamese rolls

fruit platter

orange juice

The only thing that didn't really taste right here was the Pad thai. But the rest, they were delicious! Two thumbs up for Exotic Dive Resort! ^_^

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