Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fez and My Desserts @ Serendra

We treated our friend Ninette last weekend to a birthday dinner and coffee date. As usual, we couldn't decide where to go until Peter recommended Fez at Serendra. I must say, we made the right decision. The place was empty when we got there, it was cold and cozy, perfect for my faux fur jacket and suede boots. ^_^

Anyway, Ninette had vegetable salad which I also loved. Their cocktail selection seemed interesting so I ordered a strawberry margarita which made me tipsy almost immediately, probably because I haven't had anything since lunch.

Then I had the yummiest stewed lamb chops I've tasted. I forgot the exact name of the dish but it came with dates. Instead of getting rice to match it with, I ordered couscous.

Peter ordered some stewed beef with vegetables which I found a bit gummy, meaning, they could've made the beef more tender.

But anyway, I was happy with my lamb so hurray for me! Super yummlylicious, only at FEZ located at Serendra, The Fort Taguig.

or desserts, we hopped over to a nice coffee place called My Desserts. Their bestseller is this chocolate cake thing but we ordered another one called the Pecan Caramel Pie.

It was sooo decadent, moist, and just simply delectable! Perfect choice! And perfect for my coffee too! I wonder what next to try in Serendra... ^_^

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