Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chocolatey Month

Is it because it's the month of hearts that our fridge is somehow packed with some imported chocolates? Nah. It's just that Popsy brought home a bunch of these sweet goodness and since then we can't stop popping one in our mouth. Just this afternoon alone, I ate two Reese's cups and half of the Toblerone bar Ninette gave us last weekend. Eeeep.

There used to be five packs each of of the 8-pack Butterfinger and Nestle Crunch but I guess we might have eaten them all before I was able to take pictures of 'em. Teehee. Now my tooth is aching. If only we are not predisposed to diabetes. Yikes!


  1. The chocolate you get in arrival area of NAIA is always surap.

  2. Are those nuts and chews in the 3rd picture? These i will bring.

  3. Hi clusey,

    Really? What chocolates do they give at NAIA? :-)

    The 3rd pic consists of a variety of chocolate and nut covered candies. They're yum. :-)



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