Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chateau 1771 & Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Pre-Valentine's Celeb

We've been busy enjoying the festive season the last 2 weeks that we couldn't squeeze in some time to blog about the amazing food we've shared. Right now, I have about half an hour to kill before we go to Resorts World for another fun evening with our family that I decided to share with you our experience at Chateau 1771 last Saturday, Feb. 12, 2011.

We were checked in at Mandarin Oriental Hotel since Friday. We all wanted to dine somewhere nearby. At first, we bonded over coffee and pomegrenate juice at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It was a relaxing afternoon and we found no need to hurry...

...well, until my two boys decided that they want to treat me to a shopping spree as their Valentine's and Birthday gift to me. So we went looking around where to shop. I needed new wardrobe for my other freelance job as a trainer's assistant plus a couple of casual attires. So off we went to Landmark instead since I know there are a lot of quality clothes there at discounted prices (I'm such a fashion recessionista at heart!).

So... after a 4-hour shopping spree at Landmark, we all settled at Chateau 1771 in Greenbelt.

The ambiance was very comforting and the waitress who took care of us was very attentive.

She gave us some time to choose from among their delectable menu until we finally decided to have:

For Popsy:

Light Onion Soup - there's nothing light about this flavorful onion soup.

Osso Bucco - sooo scrumptious! The meat was so tender and tasty, perfect for the pasta that went with it.

For Peter:
Minestrone Soup - this must be the most delicious minestrone soup we've tasted.

Slow-cooked Lamb Shank - it tasted a bit bland but still okay.

For Jen:

Carrot and Squash Soup - love, love, looooved it!

Salmon Rockefeller - the two huge slices of salmon was bland (I guess that's really how it should taste) so it went very well with the rich spinach cream cheese coating. The mashed potato tasted great too.

After a heavy dinner, we all had coffee and cappuccino outside so the boys could smoke. It was such a delightful way to spend time together that Pre-Valentine's Saturday. For more photos, please see

More Valentine posts to come soon... ^_^

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