Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sofitel Buffet Treat

Sofitel Sunset/OutdoorBuffet

This may be a super delayed post but we'd still like to share here the wonderful (albeit overpriced) Valentine's dinner buffet we had at Sofitel with Popsy. Everything tasted scrumptious. I think the only thing that we didn't find exquisite was their grilled lamb chops. They were a bit bland. It's a good thing that the mint sauce that went with it more than compensated for the taste. Other than that, every other dish we had tasted good and was lovely.

This is one of my favorites. Their salad included some edible flower petals.

The waiter said these glasses of champagne were complementary. But I think it's one of the reasons why our bill reach P13k that night.

We couldn't get enough of all these seafood.

All kinds of steaks --- from salmon, to beef, to pork...
... and lamb chops.

They only had a few offerings of cakes and desserts which was weird since it was Valentine's Eve.

At the end of the evening, all ladies in the crowd were given a box of Galette heart-shaped chocolates. Unfortunately, I lost mine in the car and I never got to taste it, tsk, tsk. ^_^

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  1. Hi,

    Nice pictures. This made me even curious about Sofitel. How much are their dinner buffets at the Sunset Bar? Is it over 1,500/head? Thanks!

  2. Your bill reached 13k? omygod, now im hesitating...

  3. Yeah, my mistake was I didn't ask first how much was their rate that night since it was a Valentine weekend. I also thought it would only cost us Php1,500 per person. Tsk, tsk. Food was delicious though but not that delicious to cost us Php13k.

  4. Awesome photos Peter and Jen! But wow, 13k a pop?! I'm not sure if I'll be able to breathe after that. You guys might want to get the 999 promo they have here:

  5. They probably gave you the wrong bill.:)

  6. Nah, it's the right bill. I have kept the receipt. It's really expensive during holidays especially Valentine's. Oh well.

  7. Did the Philippine weather affect your dining experience? How was the smell of the Manila Bay breeze? Did they have enough fans during dinner? Thanks!

  8. To be honest, the weather that night was perfect.

    There were a lot of customers, mostly Koreans.

    Manila Bay breeze was okay... it smelled of sea salt, of course.:)



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