Sunday, February 27, 2011

Johnny Chow @ Resorts World

It was the eve of my birthday and the day Pops was heading back to the US. We were shopping at Resorts World when we decided to take a break and have a hearty late lunch. We chose Johnny Chow (at the 2/F of Newport Mall) because the place looked festive enough, Pops can smoke and we got interested with the waitresses donning blonde wigs and cosplay-like costumes. ^_^

Anyway, we picked the right restaurant because Johnny Chow serves all sorts of Asian dishes which we love. They also give complementary pot of tea and refillable bowl of steamed peanuts.

Check out the dishes we ordered:

Birthday Noodles complete with vegetables, quail eggs, chorizo and seafood

Coffee Pork Chop - This one's so tender and scrumptious!

Hainanese Chicken - without the variety of dips and sauces that went with this, we found their chicken quite "fishy" / having the stench of a fish or "malansa" in Tagalog. Other than that, the chicken was tender and fine.

YangChow Fried Rice

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