Saturday, March 12, 2011

My ChicBoy Experience in Alabang

Our friend, Koryn, visited us last night. Actually, she arrived at around 1 am this dawn. She just came from work at Bandila, ABS-CBN and naturally she was quite tired. Peter also just came home from work and was napping. As for me, I was still so wide awake. I was watching the news about the devastating tsunami in Japan, changing channels from Fox News to BBC to CNN. Honestly, I haven't been eating much since the devastating news broke out. I guess I just lost my appetite. But when Koryn got here, my tummy started to grumble. After some chitchat, we all decided to go somewhere that's open 24 hours. We dropped by 7-11 first to get my favorite French Vanilla Cappuccino (the only coffee I crave for since December 2010) then Peter suggested that we go to ChicBoy.

It's my first time in this particular Chicboy branch in Alabang. The place is quite spacious and all the dishes in their menu looked yummy. I wanted to try other Chicboy dishes But knowing me, I'd usually order something that I've already tried before, which I did. Plus I was craving for some hot soup so I decided to get Chicboy's Sinigang na Salmon, a cup of rice and Grilled Eggplant.

The Chicboy dishes I ordered all tasted great! I was just bummed by their slow service. It took 30 minutes or more before they served our food! If I have been ordering food delivery from Inasal, my food would've already arrived at our doorstep. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I guess it must be the time. It was already around 3am by then. But still, Chicboy should've served our food a lot quicker. There weren't many people around and we didn't order much. Peter just got some fried chicken meal and Koryn got chicken leg.

Oh well, at least I was able to eat something. I still like Chicboy. The food is great and the prices are so affordable. Bon appetit!

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