Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Jollibee buffet... kind of like my last supper actually.

I guess my stomach knows that it's gonna be in for an extreme diet ride real soon and it's gonna be for a long time. Perhaps this is why out of the blue, one cold midnight, I craved for Jollibee and the moment I saw their menu online, I almost ordered everything. Okay, not everything... just 11 Jollibee dishes to be precise (Yum with TLC, breakfast Bangus, pancakes, spaghetti with chicken joy, rice & meatballs, rice and lumpiang shanghai, apple pie, burger steak with rice, beef mushroom with rice, longganisa breakfast and palabok). It was either because I was super hungry at that time or because I know I won't be having this kind of simple luxury once I force myself on an extreme island diet. But don't judge me. I finished the 11 Jollibee dishes in 3 days together with my hubby. That's still reasonable, right?

For a decade now, I have been planning to live on an island, live cheap, challenge my sense of independence and just enjoy myself. My two best girlfriends know this and we were supposed to do this together. But life took a different turn for them. As for me, it's been an on and off kind of dream. The thing that prevents me from doing it, aside from the extra expenses that it will entail, is my fear of being away from my hubby for that long and surviving all on my own. So I set aside a little budget for it spread over a long period of time and set aside a little bit of courage as well. It's not a priority so for years I just keep this little envelop that I fill with spare cash. Finally, after ten years, this month-long independent island living is about to come true!

You might ask, why did I say forced diet? Like I said, living on an island can be very expensive , especially an island like Boracay during summer time. And if I'm not too careful, I might splurge on things that are not on my priority list. So I'm thinking of eating right and spending my money right. If this island vacation works out well financially for me, I might really consider living on different islands for one month each, half of the year, and not including the rainy season. Then I'd truly and literally be a sexy nomad. ^_^

Anyway, just to reiterate, it started as a small dream that grew bigger and bigger as opportunities for living a more carefree life surfaced. Soon, I'll be flying to Boracay with my hubby Peter at first, then after a few days, I'll be all by myself, for one whole month, living in this comfortable and affordable guesthouse I found online and the rest shall unfold itself. Since my budget will be very limited, I have no choice but to go to the market (D'Talipapa and D'Mall) and buy fresh fruits and vegetables and whatever food that's healthy and cheap. I can't remember if there's Jollibee there but if there is, I probably won't be ordering from them anytime soon. ^_^

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