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Cheap, Affordable, Beach Front Boracay Food Place

I set aside 11k for our march 25-29 stay in Boracay. This amount is separate from the airfare and accommodations I've already spent when I booked this vacation last November 2010. This budget is just for airport parking, terminal fees, excess baggage fees, port fees, boat fees, tips to porters, Boracay fun activities, shopping, food and drinks. Well, guess what? Thanks to a certain cozy dining nook with prime beach front view that we discovered, I was able to save Php3,000 on those 4 days Peter was still with me. Amazing.

There's the local carenderia selling cheap food along Angol beach in Boracay behind me...

In local terms, it's called a "carenderia". It's incorporated to a sari-sari store beside a new beach house, which is my new dream house actually, called Sandals Inn, located along Angol beach, which is just a few meters away from station 3 in Boracay. If you're facing the sea, Angol beach is to your left, after Station 3. The food place itself has no name but the owner sure does cook a lot of really yummy home-cooked dishes like many of my favorites: adobong baboy, adobong manok, sinigang na bangus, nilagang baboy, kamansi, laing, chopsuey, paksiw na bangus, chicken curry, fried egg, fried fish, bopis and many more! Most dishes are only Php30.00 each. Rice is Php12.00 as well as the egg.

The food in the above photo was my lunch this morning: adobong atay, paksiw na bangus and rice for only Php72.00

After Peter and I dined at Andok's on our first day here in Boracay, and after we had dinner buffet on our 2nd day, the rest of our meals were bought from this cozy, beach front, little food place. Patrons have the option to order take out. But because the wooden tables and black monoblock chairs they've set up under the shade of the trees and facing the beach look so cozy and inviting, we, together with the foreigners who also buy from them, always opt to eat there.

On Peter's last night here, we ordered our usual dinner (bopis, adobong baboy, chopsuey). Peter also brought his own Boracay rum concoction (a liter of pineapple orange juice with pineapple flavored Boracay Rum). ^_^

We'd bring our food to one of the table set up in front of the beach and voila --- yummy and perfect island meal whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner!

The serving of each dish is good for only one person, obviously. So what we would do is order 3-4 kinds of dishes plus 2 cups of rice and just share everything. We're full after every meal and we'd only spend about Php120-Php150.00. This place is really a blessing!

Like I said, we also noticed some foreigners coming here and buying food and drinks as well. I can't blame them. The dishes taste good and the price is very affordable. Imagine, I didn't expect to save P3k to think that the 11k I originally set aside for everything on those 5 days was already super trimmed down to our basic necessities. I'm just so happy! Living in Boracay is no longer as expensive as what I thought it would be. Hurray!

There are still other places selling affordable food but not as affordable and not as cozy as this food place we discovered. Here area few of them...

Suffice it to say that the closer you are to Station 1, the more expensive food and drinks get (I should know... Since we first came to Boracay in 2003 , we always buy our food and drinks there). So depending on your budget, you have a variety of food places to choose from. Some are expensive (but not necessarily delicious) and some are affordable (and surprisingly scrumptious). So explore and have fun!


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  1. hi, thanks to your blogs, nagkaka idea ako kung san ang murang place, food and etc, about sa carenderia, is it beside sandals inn? madali pu ba makita? hehe tnx

  2. You're welcome, Ms. JhOiE. :)

    Yup, katabi lang shs ng Sandals Inn. Lakad ka lang going to Station 3, then to Angol Beach until you reach Sandals Inn, tapos katabi na yung carenderia. :)

  3. Excited to try it next week! thanks for all your tips!

  4. yeahh.. hahah,i've been der also.. :)



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