Friday, April 1, 2011

Boracay Buffet @ Bamboo Bar

So there we were in Boracay... after more than an hour of walking from Stations 3 to 1 and back, we ended up near where we came from which was at Boracay Station 3. For us, it has the most appetizing and affordable buffet we can find --- dinner buffet at Bamboo Bar at Station 3 for only Php250.00.

They had vegetables, seafood (tons of oysters), Filipino food, pasta, soup, fruits and pie. I think the food selection was okay for Php250.00. I loved everything especially the vegetable and meat dishes. I just didn't like the pasta sauce coz it wasn't as delicious as the one I make at home, harhar! The taste and flavor lacked depth and a certain oomph. Haha. As usual, I didn't finish my food coz I was already full (which is why the cheap food place I found by the beach is really awesome) while Peter was still enjoying all his oysters. It was a good meal!

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In case you are searching for cheap Boracay rooms, try this guesthouse where I am staying for 33 days --- Bonueva Home. It's 50 steps from the beach, with complete essential amenities and really nice people who own the place (Ervin Bonot, his wife Jet and his mom Ella).

Take a look at the rooms they offer:

Bonueva Cheap Rooms

Bonueva Cheap Apartments

I firs booked a fan room for P500/night at 10% off if paid in advance. Because the rooms are very cheap, I then upgraded to an air conditioned room at P900 per night. Not bad! It has wifi, cable TV cold and hot shower, double bed, change of towels and sheets and use of kitchen facilities for an additional minimal fee.

You can also read the rest of my Bonueva Home review and how much I spent for my accommodations here: Bonueva Home Boracay Cheap Rooms

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