Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cheap Burger at the Boulevard in General Luna, Siargao

As Peter and I were singing our hearts out in one of the numerous KTV stores that line the Boulevard in General Luna in Siargao, we were happy to find out that all these stores not only sell cheap junkfood and booze, soft drinks and juices (like Php35.00 for 1.5 liters of Coke), but they also ofer burgers with everything in it like egg, tomatoes and onions from Php15-35.00 depending on the size you want.

These burgers are cooked after you order them, while you sing your heart out well into the night. Peter and I ordered the big ones and can I just say that despite their cheap price, the taste wasn't cheap at all. It's like having a home-cooked burger prepared just for you.

Yum yum! Now this is one diet I can live with if ever I do pursue my dream of living in Siargao for a month next summer. If ever I do get tired of the burgers, the market is just across the street where I can buy fresh fruits, vegetables and fish. Bon appetit! ^_^

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