Monday, August 8, 2011

Cheap Food Place in Siargao

I hope you've read my posts so far about our stay in Siargao. If you did, you'd know that we stayed at Patrick's on the Beach and you might have noticed that though the place is great, we didn't really eat there, except for the Yohoho Mango Rum that they served. I guess it's because we were traveling on a budget and their international cuisines had corresponding hotel prices. It's a good thing that we discovered this carenderia or food place just outside Patrick's, along the main road..

This place is called Marajaw Karajaw and it's awesome. It's a big cottage with bamboo tables and chairs plus a sink and water faucet in the middle (because you will definitely get your hands dirty eating all their scrumptious grilled food!). They sell grilled seafood, pork, chicken, isaw or chicken intestines, rice, kebabs and drinks ranging from Php10.00 to Php45.00! So naturally, we loved it!

The seafood were all fresh and the grilled stuff were so yummy!

Marajaw Karajaw is usually where surfers would hang out and eat a ton of food after surfing all day long. They also offer rooms at Php600 per night. If you're interested to stay here, call them at 09077397898. Maybe we'll also stay here the next time we come back to Siargao. ^_^

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  1. ay mura lang! fresh pa. pagpunta ko jan matry nga din.

    The Cuisineuer



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