Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Smoked Salmon on Toast - good food for acid reflux and GERD

I've been taking my medicines for 6 days now (Domperidone GI norm 10 mg and Omeprazole Omepron 20mg) and I am continuously learning my lesson... One of which is to not eat anymore when I'm about to go to bed. Though it was only a bowl of fish, eggplant and rice that I ate on Saturday evening, which are all included in the safe foods for GERD, I woke up nauseous the next day and threw up everything I ate several times! Tsk, tsk, tsk.

When I did further research on GERD and joint pain (which I have also been experiencing on my left knee for sometime now), it's because food eaten 3 hours before bed time does not really get digested properly, they just rot in your stomach, thereby producing lots of acids, and for people like me with GERD, the effect can be painful and unnecessary. Since then, I space my meals; I eat every 2 hours; I finish only a third or half of what's on my plate and reserve the rest for my next meal time. You can say that it's like the way J.Lo eats her food --- small portions, 6x a day.

Furthermore, I have eliminated sugar (ice cream, cakes, chocolates --- I know, it's depressing) in my diet because I think that's the main cause of my joint pain and eat only those on my doctor's list of good foods.

At first glance, you'd think that my diet is now boring. But I found a way to make it like it used to be before -- colorful and flavorful but without the unnecessary and bad ingredients. I actually feel much better now, 6 days into my new diet and medication. Even the pain on my left knee has subsided a bit.

My husband, Peter, did an experiment on dishes I can eat and I super liked the first one! Now that he has new job and can't stay home anymore, except to sleep, I've been following his lead. After I ate my share of Smoked Salmon on Toast, I didn't feel any heartburn at all and I slept like a little baby.

Smoked Salmon on Toast

  • toasted whole wheat bread, halved
  • sliced carrots
  • romaine lettuce/green lettuce/mustard leaves (blanched)
  • honey
  • green olives
  • a little rosemary and thyme
  • slices of smoked salmon

This food is so easy to prepare and tastes so delicious! Actually, since I've had GERD, both Peter and I have been discovering and making homemade gourmet-like dishes that don't take too much time to prepare and are very healthy. Well, except during breakfast. I always have a half cup of instant oatmeal in hot water with cinnamon, honey and a few slices of banana.

Cheers to better health and better eating habits! Til my next gourmet-like meal. Bon appetit!

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