Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tofu Heaven - Healthy and Tasty

It was a chilly night and both our pantry and fridge were out of stock. No more eggs, no more veggies, no more fruits. All I have in there were two bottles of Vodka Ice and a bottle of Mudshake (from Halloween's... Actually, we still got 2 cases of San Mig Light and Vodka Ice in there, tsk, tsk)). If I were still my old self, I'd forego eating (or maybe I'd order several dishes from Jollibee) and just drink the Vodka Ice. Unforunately, I can no longer afford to be my old, unhealthy self. This GERD has completely changed my eating habits and has made me more conscious of the food I ingest.

Then I saw this square piece of package at the far end of the chiller. I completely forgot we bought tofu the last time we did the groceries.

What to do with it? I can't just grill it. I can't fry it. I can't put vinegar in it. The feeling of depression over food was slowly returning but I clawed my way back to my happy place and that's when it hit me.

Inside one of our kitchen cabinets were some condiments I can use. I've got a bottle of soy sauce and a half bottle of honey. They're not included in the bad food list. Plus, there are still some tarragon and salt in the pantry. Perfect!

That was the time I invented a new kind of sauce - soy sauce and honey. Now I use it in practically every bland dish I have. Before, I can only relate soy sauce with vinegar and calamansi. This is totally uncharted territory for me. LOL!

So I took off the tofu packaging, placed big block of tofu on a dish, put a bit of salt and tarragon on all sides, and poured my newly invented soy and honey sauce. I placed the whole thing in the oven and baked it for 20 minutes in 250 F degrees. I covered the top with foil so it doesn't get burnt.


It was truly Tofu heaven! Even my hubby loved it! <3 Bon appetit!


  1. nice one sis. i'll try it sometime, got to get tarragon muna. rosemary, thyme and basil lang meron ako now eh. thanks for sharing sis.

  2. Sis Erlyn, you can use those herbs too. :)



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