Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Make Spinach Tasty Using a Microwave

I'm now on my third week of medication and I realized that these dishes I'm making aren't really a big jump from my previous eating habits. The only thing missing from my diet now are those cakes, ice cream, chocolates and cocktails I used to enjoy after my healthy meal. Now, I have macapuno, sweetened langka, and honey for desserts. Anyway, bottom line is, it was stress and lack of sleep that really made me sick. If only I listened to my body sooner, I could still be enjoying my junk food now. Oh well. I don't mind. Now I'm really forced to eat healthily.

Anyway, since I can no longer use vinegar, tomatoes and onions for my salad dressing, I invented another way to make my spinach tasty and not bitter. I do this for my Kangkong and other leafy vegetables too. Here's how:

  • Spinach leaves
  • guava juice or apple juice
  • egg
  • Italian herbs
  • salt (optional)
  • wash the spinach leaves, put them on a plate and set it aside
  • beat an egg (you can put a dash of salt if you want)
  • pour the scrambled egg onto the spinach leaves
  • pour a little guava or apple juice
  • sprinkle with Italian herbs
  • put in the microwave for about two minutes

It tastes good! And it's healthy too! Couple it with half a cup of brown rice and smoked fish, it's already a complete meal. The egg contains protein and Spinach is a rich source of all kinds of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients!

Try it! Bon apetit!

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