Thursday, December 15, 2011

Good Food at Bono Yaki

Every time Peter and I would eat out, it's always a challenge finding a restaurant offering dishes I can eat. It get can pretty depressing actually but it's a good thing that I've gotten the hang of it. I'm starting to think  that after a month of GERD medication, my taste has already change. I no longer crave the foods I used to eat before. I'm now more into bland, a bit salty, less sweet and less tasty but healthier foods.

What usually happens when we're out is we'd start by entering a restaurant, asking for the menu, scanning if there's anything in there that is not oily, not creamy, with no dairy, no cabbage/tomatoes/cucumber/broccoli, no vinegar and other citric substances, no caffeine, and with limited amount of sugar only. It's  miracle I haven't lost so much weight. I guess it's a testament that there are still places and dishes out there that I can enjoy to the fullest. Like this Asian buffet restaurant we saw along Libis --- BONO YAKI.

We were thinking of ordering a la carte.  But having seen the many choices of dishes available on their buffet table at Php580.00 per person, we opted to try that instead.

In the video above, I am cooking fresh seafood while Peter is enjoying all kinds of meat. 

We asked that our frying pan be replaced with one that has no oil in it and voila -- I was finally having a great time cooking healthy food I can eat.  

I had salmon, tuna, blue marlin, squid, mushroom, leafy vegetables, sushi and sashimi. My desserts were fruits and jellies. I hope more restaurants would be this GERD-friendly. 

Bon appetit!

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