Sunday, January 29, 2012

Isdaan at the South (Laguna)

We discovered that a new branch of Isdaan has opened in Calauan, Laguna when we went windsurfing in Caliraya one time. It's just along the national highway somewhere between the towns of Bay and Victoria. It was so packed when we got there in the evening. Twelve people/groups were waiting for tables before us so we checked out the place first, took lots of photos, bought some pasalubong at their shop and finally, we were able to get our own floating nipa hut.

The prices of their food are of course similar to the ones in Gerona, Tarlac. It was already quite late then, around 9 pm. We were anxious to get home so we just ordered my usual pinaputok na tilapya while they ordered kare-kare.

The services were quite slow that evening. Maybe because the place is really popular and anyone touring nearby places were surely dropping by there for dinner. Or maybe the place is still quite new and the waiters were getting overwhelmed by the volume of food orders coming in. Our waiter specifically did not get my order right. I asked for pinaputok na tilapya and after almost an hour of waiting, gave me fried tilapya which I cannot eat. I almost got mad. Good thing he finally gave me my correct order after another couple of minutes.

Anyway, that's that. Isdaan is still a must-see dining place for everyone. With its eclectic design of Southeast Asian inspiration, you'd feel like you're somewhere in Bali, Hong Kong or Malaysia. (^_^) 

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