Friday, February 17, 2012

The Beluga Caviar Experience

February is such a month of celebration for some people, us included. Chinese New Year has just ended and people are gearing towards Valentine’s. When that's over, then there are still the birthday parties, prom nights, dinner parties, office parties and pre-summer celebrations. As for me, my birthday is coming up and I still have yet to plan how to celebrate it.

If you are in the midst of throwing a fabulous party and you’re thinking of getting fabulous dishes to go with it, why not try beluga caviar? Deliciou deep brown caviar is one of the most expensive types of caviar in the world simply because the Beluga is one of our endangered species. It has a nice texture, quite delicate and smooth, and they say the flavor is very rich. I think I would have to taste one if I were to properly describe it. Although in the past, my husband and I have tasted caviar and it was exquisite. How much more if it’s the beluga caviar? 

So if you're looking for these delicious deep brown caviar types, you can do so at They have all kinds of fish roe available from all around the world, both Sturgeon and non-Sturgeon caviar. All the information you will need are made available so it's easy for you to choose and shop.

As expected, the beluga caviar is on the expensive side. But if you’re the type who likes luxurious culinary experience that’s such simply scrumptious, or if you are a caviar enthusiast who wants to try every kind, then you have to try the beluga caviar. There’s just no other experience like it.

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