Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Conti's - MakanMakan - Harbor View (My Birthday Nomnoms)

It crossed my mind to eat whatever I want to eat on my birthday last weekend. I was definitely missing all tomato-based dishes, I wanted chocolate and mocha cakes, I wanted to drink coffee, I wanted ice cream, I'm always craving for oily foods. But after weighing the pros and cons of my condition (pros: satisfying my cravings and feeling good for a little while, cons: acid reflux, heartburn and generally feeling awful afterward), I managed to stay disciplined and just ate the right kinds of food. I was thankful that I was able to get dishes that are healthy for me on these three restaurants we dined in last weekend:

Conti's Pastry Shop and Restaurant in BF Homes, Paranaque

If there's one thing I regret about Conti's is that I should've dined in here a long time ago when I didn't have GERD yet. People say their desserts are so scrumptious as well as almost everything in their menu. In fact, when we went there last Saturday, people were coming in just to take out different kinds of desserts. Sigh.  

As for me, I can only find two things in there that are good to eat (meaning, no oil, no tomatoes, no garlic, no onions, no spices, no cream, no milk, no broccoli and cucumber) --- Fresh Lumpia which was delicious and this Mango Yogurt Shake, yay!

Peter had Lengua Estofado and paella rice. I was able to eat some of his lengua as well since they were not oily at all. Yahoo!

MakanMakan Asian Food Village in Manila Ocean Park

When I saw the variety of dishes they offer from American, to Asian, to Spanish, I remember those times when I could still eat all those kinds of food in a heartbeat. Now,  I take my time when I order coz there are usually just a few healthy dishes I can eat. Finally, I settled for a big bowl of Mixed Seafood Beancurd in Hot Pot for Php300.00 which I shared with Peter together with a side order of 4 pieces of pork siomai. 

I thought I won't get satiated but surprisingly, their serving was big enough for three people and I had all the oil-free seafood and tofu I can eat, yay! 

Oh, and they also offer this drink made of Soya Milk and black gulaman called MICHAEL JACKSON.  Hurray!

Harbor View along Manila Bay

Ordering at Harbor View was quite challenging when dinner time came. The harbor side of the restaurant was full so we opted for the garden view. 

But it later drizzled so we had to come back inside and waited to be seated. When I looked at their menu, everything in there looked greasy as they mostly serve Chinese food. I settled for the Japanese options and got myself a plate of California Maki. I just took out the cucumber cubes since I can't eat those too. It was quite filling. 

Peter had Hainanese Chicken so he could share it with me. The serving was kind of small for something priced at almost Php300. 

Had we had more time to look for other places, we probably would have gone somewhere else. But I guess we were enticed by the nice view. 

We also noticed that a lot of foreigners were dining there so we figured the food must be great too. Unfortunately, based on what we had, it wasn't. It was okay, but not exactly great. The dishes at Harbor View were priced more expensively too as compared to MakanMakan but the taste was just ordinary. Oh well, at least now we know. ^_^ Overall, I still had an awesome, spontaneous birthday celebration. Bon appetit!

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