Saturday, February 25, 2012

Calea in Bacolod - What's the Fuss All About???

I honestly don't know what the fuss is all about. My hubby and I have tasted better cakes than Calea's, well, at least compared to those that we've tried --- this dense 2-layered chocolate  cake, the Devil's Food Cake and the other one is the coffee-flavored cake or Cappuccino Cake. 

Maybe we ordered the wrong kinds of cake, I dunno. We had the rich (supposedly) chocolate cake as a benchmark for all the other cakes. 

the quality was dry and just disappointing that we had to order another one to satiate our craving. So we had the cappuccino cake. 

We were just expecting to be blown away I guess. The chocolate cake wasn't moist enough and it wasn't chocolatey enough. We actually didn't finish the slice coz we were so disappointed. The cappuccino cake though was okay, thank God! Still, we weren't blown away. Cake2Go makes better chocolate and coffee cakes according to our taste buds. 

When we go back there this weekend, we'll try their other delectable-looking cakes instead. Maybe they're better, we'll see.

Calea is near Saltimboca Tourist Inn where we stayed during our Bacolod vacation in September last year. The address is Lourdes - C Bldg. Lacson St. Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. You may contact them at (034) 433-8664.

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