Sunday, February 26, 2012

Instant Cappuccinos and Lattes from Kopiko and Good Day

I used to drink brewed coffee before by the liter. It' really no wonder why I had GERD. Coffee is very, very acidic and if it's the only thing you've had in a 24-hour period, done over a prolonged period of time, you'd really get sick like I did. 

So it's been a while (since October last year) since I had coffee especially the brewed kind. But since I turned 34, I've been craving to have a taste of my favorite food and drinks once again. Perhaps if I do it in moderation this time, I'll be okay. 

So I started my forbidden adventure with instant coffee. But it's not just any other instant coffee, it has to be the cappuccino or latte kind. It's great timing that we discovered two instant coffee brands that seemed to be good for me (meaning I'm not experiencing any heartburn or acid reflux after drinking a cup) --- Kopiko's Kopiccino and Good Day's Vanilla Latte, Chococinno and Mocacinno. 

In fairness, they do taste good even if they're instant. Plus, the coffee creamer that's mixed in there is non-dairy so good for me too! For around Php7.00 per sachet, these instant coffee mixes are able to imitate the real goodness of lattes and cappuccinos. How amazing!

These instant cappuccinos and lattes also go very well with my homemade Grilled Edam Cheese and Honey Sandwich. Yay! Even Peter loved the pairing!

So anyway, I've been having a cup of these coffee goodness since last week and so far I'm feeling good. I need to stay awake to finish up all my responsibilities before I head off to another exciting vacation. Thanks Kopiko and Good Day! Whoever made you, they're awesome. :)


  1. heyy i could give you a sample of our coffee for you to try out! we specialize in neutralizing different kinds of coffee.

  2. Hi Vanessa! Really? Thanks! That would be awesome! I'll PM you my address. :)

  3. Hi! Where can i buy the Kopiko Kopiccino and Good Day Vanilla Latte?

  4. Hi,

    You can try your local sari-sari store or your supermarket. As for us, we bought the Kopiko from the local "tindahan" in our village and the Good Day, we got from Robinson's grocery store. :)

  5. Thank You! Cant wait to try these instant lattes :)

  6. Hi. We have Kopiko products, cheaper than the others, just give me a text. 09222060401. thanks!

  7. I wanna try the Kopiko!! I hope they have it in Landmark coz that's where we usually buy groceries :) I love Good Day too... My fave is Vanilla Latte, Caribbean Nut and Coolin' :D

    @anonymous: they have good day coffee in Landmark & SM. I usually buy it there :)



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