Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Uncle Cheffy Panizza

It was my first time to try Uncle Cheffy when my hubby, sis and I visited Nuvali in Laguna the other Saturday. We were there in the afternoon and were looking for a nice place for snacks. I was in the mood for pizza so after going around (there were lots of restaurants to choose from), we opted to dine at Uncle Cheffy.  Their super thin pizzas  caught my attention which are sliced into strips. We can then roll them with greens and other vegetables and that's when we have a rolled pizza. This reminded me of Focaccia's Pazzo Rollio in Fort Bonifacio. 

I wondered why Uncle Cheffy is known for their Brick Oven Panizza and when we tasted it, I wondered no more. The pizza, or shall I say the panizza, tasted great! We ordered Larry's Craving with smoked salmon, escargot, shiitake mushroom, chili flakes, onion and 3 cheese (Php495). 

The panizza came with tomato and arugula insalata. This would be the stuffing you put on the pizza, after which you roll it up and voila --- a rolled panizza! 

The dough was very crunchy like they say it is and the cheese was just so creamy that we loved it! I was hoping to get a generous amount of salmon though. There were only 5 slices in there. Oh well. I guess with the mushrooms and the onions, it was filling enough.

I hope to try their other dishes next time. I heard they also have good pastas. 

Bon appetit!



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