Monday, February 6, 2012

Cheap Filipino Food @ Caliraya Sunrise Viewing Lake and Eatery

Every time we'd visit Caliraya for a an afternoon of windsurfing, we'd always drop by Stop Over Kitchenette for lunch. This particular weekend though, we wanted to try a different venue.. somewhere nearer Surf Kamp for a change of scenery and ambiance. Luckily, we noticed this place called Caliraya Sunrise Viewing Lake and Eatery. We usually pass by this area but this was the first time we really noticed it.

The entrance to the eatery was quite narrow. Good thing we brought Zac (our Toyota Yaris) with us. Had we brought Rachel (our Toyota Revo), Peter might have had a hard time going in its narrow entrance.

Inside the premises though, the parking lot was quite spacious. Aside from the main eatery at the side of the property, there were two other nipa huts where customers can dine in. We chose the one with the nicest view of the lake, the one on the right side.

The ambiance of the place was quite tranquil and laid back. It was a breezy late morning and the view of the lake was very refreshing.

When we checked the menu, we noticed that they were serving Filipino dishes, much like the ones also served in Stop Over Kitchenette, but here, the prices are much cheaper. For example, we ordered Tilapya  in Oyster Sauce (Php80), Chicken Tinola (Pho100) and 2 cups of rice (Php20) for only Php200.00.

When we ordered the same dishes at the other eatery before, it would normally cost us at least Php 100 more. Maybe it's because Caliraya Sunrise Viewing Lake and Eatery is nearer the Tilapya Farm we saw along the way. The serving size of their food was also enough for me and my husband and the taste of both dishes was quite palatable. Over all, this eatery was a really nicediscovery! Bon appetit!

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