Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Breakfast at Cafe Breton

Sometimes, when Peter and I have nothing better to do on a Saturday or Sunday morning, we'd head off to Westgate in Alabang and have breakfast or brunch at one of the restaurants there. This particular weekend, we decided to once again visit one of our favorites -- Cafe Breton. Instead of the usual crepes, we tried their savoury galettes. 

I ordered Galette Bretonne (Php267.00) which has spinach, shrimps sauteed with crab meat, fresh cream, and gruyere cheese.

Peter had Galette Marrakech (Php221.00) which consists of whole spicy Moroccan beef sausage with egg, onions and tomato Provencal.

For our drinks, we just had their Cafe Leigeois (cold espresso coffee ice cream). 

We loved everything! Both dishes tasted delectable as usual which is why we never tire of going to this place whenever we have the extra budget for it as their dishes seem to be a little bit pricey. Nevertheless, it was worth every cent. *burp*

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