Monday, December 7, 2009

Buttered Salmon Delight, Honeyed Veggies, White Wine and Almond Vanilla & Pistachio Ice Cream

This has got to be the best salmon I've ever tasted so far and I made it myself! I cooked it the way I grill rib eye steaks, only this time, each side must be fried in butter for 2 1/2 minutes, medium heat. This will ensure that the salmon turns pink and not brown.

What I did first was to thaw the two pieces of salmon we have. Once they're all thawed out, I wiped the fish using a clean cloth. This made it easier for the salmon to turn pink later on. I then sprinkled both sides with salt and pepper. Afterward, I put one in my pan with the melted butter. Once the first salmon was done, I did the same thing with the second one.

For my veggies, I used the leftover melted butter, put in my sliced bell pepper, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber and onion, sprinkled them with a bit of salt and pepper and sauteed them. I also added a bit of honey (I seem to be addicted to honey these days which reminds me... I have to buy a new bottle soon) then let the whole thing simmer. I served it hot together with the salmon and lemon slices on the side (which we later squeezed on our salmon...mmmm... tangy!). Best eaten with a cup of rice and a glass of white wine.

For dessert, we had ice cream --- Selecta's Almond Vanilla and Pistachio topped with cornflakes. Yum!

Bon appetit!

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