Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fried Potatoes, Toasted Meatloaf, Scrambled Eggs, Fried Veggies in Honey and Fried Bread

Remember when I told you that I had a very big breakfast yesterday? Well, it was so big that I had leftover meatloaf, scrambled eggs and rice. I just reheated everything (toasted the meatloaf) and added TWO more dishes to the mix --- my own version of French fries... only it's not French. I so loooved my fried baby potatoes the other day that I made some again, only this time, I didn't toast them as much. I'm telling you, if you do this, you will never eat French fries in some fast food outlets ever again. The one I made is so much more healthy with none of that overused saturated fats that can cause cancer. It's even better than those German potatoes served in German beach resorts. I should know! I had some over the weekend and they tasted like paper. Mine are so much yummier!

I used my old little frying pan (the grill pan is so heavy and so high maintenance for me), poured canola oil and let it heat for a while. Then I placed my sliced baby potatoes one by one to make sure that they are spread out so they can brown evenly. Notice that I did not peel the skin. That will add texture as well as fiber to my diet. I then sprinkled a bit of salt and pepper. After about 3 minutes, I turned each one to the other side then waited 2 more minutes. I served them hot. Scrumptious!

The other dish that I made was sliced onions and bell pepper fried in oil and honey. I dunno what happened to me but the idea just hit me. So I did it!

Without taking the pan out of the stove, I sauteed my onion and bell pepper slices with a bit of oil, salt and pepper that's left on the frying pan then poured some honey. I let it simmer for a while. Once the veggies looked soft, I turned off the fire and served the veggies. Oh God, it tasted wonderful. You should try it.

So on a Friday night, even if I was home alone, I managed to make myself some really good tasting dinner. It was simple, healthy and oh so filling! And of course, my meal won't be complete without my homemade cocktail --- Mango juice with Vodka, Triple Sec and Grenadine. Yum.

For dessert... OMG... I just died and went to heaven! Okay, let me tell you the back story first. So there I was watching Julie and Julia (again). I was pretty much done and satiated with dinner. When halfway through the movie, I started craving for something sweet. I already ate all my chocolates and I already had cinnamon rolls in the afternoon. Suddenly, I got this idea from the movie. In one of the earlier scenes, I saw Julie frying bread. So that's what I did. Using butter, I FRIED a piece of bread. Then I poured some honey on it and let it fry some more. When it was golden brown, I took it out of the pan, let it cool a bit and took a bite. And OH... MY... LORD! I actually laughed and cried at the same time coz it tasted soooooooo goooooood! Fom now on, I will put butter in everything that I'll cook. Butter is the key and honey too! But that's just me.

Maro on Plurk said that this is how the Irish people do it --- they fry everything in butter. Well, well, well... Look at like the Irish. I didn't even know! Teehee. ^_^

Bon appetit!

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  1. good luck on the butter. too much butter/oil/fats, it will haunt you later in life. but wth, life is too short to be too cautious!



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